22 abril, 2009

Leon Dormido-Santuario de Ocón (12Ciclistas)

Chronicle by Jesus Del Campo
April 19, 2009
Distance: 53Kmt.
Accumulated 2009: 1138Kmt.
Unevenness accumulated: 1179Mts

IBPindex: 101.00
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Santi, Alberto (Solera), David, Víctor, Javi Bartolomé, Javi Lasanta, Fernando, Manu, Alberto (Winnie), Marcelo, Jorge, Jesús Del Campo (I think I haven’t forgotten no one)

Usually when we make a chronicle based on a Sunday morning we start with the very beginning, that’s to say eight o’clock in the morning, but to be quite different I have decided to start in the very end, that’s to say when we were having lunch at Gerardo’s place or Luis’ corner. A friend of mine called David told that I wasn’t brave enough to write this chronicle using English or what most people say Shakespeare’s language. As a matter of fact he said something like that I haven’t enough eggs, but I couldn’t understand this point since I always have some eggs in my fridge. Moreover we have to open our group of friends to foreign bikers who come from other countries or who even can read us abroad.

So, once we have this point clear (as you can see I don’t need no hens), I’m going to start with the usual chronicle.

At eight o’clock in the morning as usual we met in Bodegas Franco españolas as unusual. Today we are going to visit northern landscapes. The day is quite cold and some threatening clouds can be seen over Sleeping Lion but fortunately raincoat won’t be completely necessary, since there will be no rain. Different groups of walking people are to be found during this road, because they are preparing La Valvanerada:


We go by our usual road towards the country house and the wind makes this effort even stronger, when we get there Manu decides to go back home since he doesn’t feel completely decided to cross to the other side. It’s cold, we eat something and continue up but there’s a problem when everybody but Fernando decide not to go to La Poblacion. We go ahead towards San Tirso, but then we realise that we don’t have much water, and some us play the water boys, and what’s worst I have to fetch water to our little Whinnie The Pooh. There’s a small single-track in which we group together and Victor tries to advance in the air but disgracefully Newton had been born before us, and moreover he breaks his chain.

The road is wet when we cross the summit and wet leafs make quite difficult to be on your track when going down. Even stones that we can find under the leafs are to be taken into account if you don’t want to fly over your bar. Marcelo is complaining all the time when the road slopes down, he has got a new bike and the fork doesn’t work completely right, it’s got too much air pressure and we can’t fix this problem. There’s no problem we are going fast enough for this route.

We find another group of walking people just when Alberto (Winnie) overcomes me in the middle of a narrow track, and finally get down just to go up. This seems to be the Dow Jones. We meet another group of riders from Santa Cruz de Campezo and begin to climb the Sleeping Lion. The final single-track with many stones across is difficult enough so as to make us put the foot down, but Victor gets to the top.

From here we go down down down to Logroño, so fast as we can, but Alberto "Solera" has problem (another one) with his chain and we have to stop so that Santi can fix it.

Today we go to have lunch David, Javi Solera and me but Mariano arrives when we are beginning and Winnie and Fran when we are finishing. Next Sunday we go to Lodosa, and the end of this story is the beginning.

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vitinbtt dijo...


Miguel Ángel dijo...

The last tuesday, I was with my friend Barrancas, to do the San Tirso and León Dormido round,
It,s Beatiful and Wonderful, like to us a lot of the single-tracks and the forest.

ya te digo, ¿?

Best regards

Anónimo dijo: Anonimous said dijo...

No sabia que ahora hay que saber idiomas para salir en bici.

Anónimo dijo...

ahi lo tienes todavia le dura la tostada del domingo,y encima lo hace en idioma de la gran ....ña o es que quires batir el record de comentarios a Juan y a mi
lomotORa zasty

vitinbtt dijo...

Para andar en bici no hace falta idiomas; encima de la bici hablamos (algunos mas que otros) en castellano.

Anónimo dijo...

Vaya cagada....que te den

Anónimo dijo...

Cuñao, me dejas pasmao, te explicas mejor en Inglés que en Castellano, eres incluso más ocurrente y mordaz,... y has tenido eggs.

Put your hands up in the air. Oh yeah.


Anónimo dijo...

What more can you ask for?


Cuñaoo, que te has fumaooo?

Anónimo dijo...

Я вы mandaria для яиц, и к наблюдению если teneis перевода этого.

Уже мы знаем, что кто aprobo оппозиция (экспертиза) также был дочерью Марсело

Firmador Whinie POOh

Anónimo dijo...

Jesusito de mi vida,
tu eres ciclista como yo,
por eso has tenido eggs,
y te doy mi heart

Tómalo, tuyo es, mío no.

La crónica en castellano me temo que la han hecho entre Winnie y Marsuelo

San David

Anónimo dijo...

Como no entiendo nada, por si acaso, más eres tú.
Fdo.: Juan

كما اني لا افهم شيئا أكثر من أنه في حال كنت.
Fdo.: Juan

Anónimo dijo...

Sus sendas con hojas en el suelo, robles, sus cuestas y cuestitas, tanto para abajo como para arriba, me parece que una vuelta así no se merece una cronica en ingles, pon la bien en castellano y asi de paso le hacemos un favor a Gonzalo de Berceo.

Anónimo dijo...

Bueno tan solo decir que espero que nadie ya se haya molestado ya que no era mi intencion, bueno con todos salvo con el pollero.

Esto fue una broma por hacer algo diferente sin mas pretensiones la proxima prometo hacerla en la lengua de Cervantes. Ademas es que la culpa de verdad la tiene David que me dijo que no tenia...

La cronica en castellano por si alguien no se ha enterado es la traduccion rigurosa de Google, eso es para que no os fieis de ella.

Kisses to everybody

The educator.

vitinbtt dijo...

A mi me ha parecido muy buena idea, al menos es algo diferente; tienes mas comentarios que nadie.
Aupa lo O.R.

bike_miguel dijo...

La Ruta desde Meano, como ya os comenté, la hicimos Ricardo y yo,le añadimos la vuelta a la peña del León Dormido y es una verdadera pasada, hacia mucho tiempo que no gozaba tanto con la bici.

Las flechas rojas de las pre-valvanerada ya las vimos, nosotros no nos encontramos ningún andarín, de los que por allí abundan.

Qué será lo próximo...

Anónimo dijo...

no sabia que tambien estaba en castellano.......... mis disculpas

Anónimo dijo...

nosotros tambien ivamos a dar la vuelta a la peña pero el almuerzo primó más.

firmador whinie